Most advanced exhaust sound system in the market

Exhaust has manufactured this device with a simple yet ambitious goal to provide the driver with the coolest exhaust sound experience.

Utilising our experience and research into sound tuning, we have been able to make this device capable of reflecting signals from the ECU powertrain in real time and producing a range of sounds that are almost the same as they would be from an actual vehicle.

16 unique sounds

We will start with a selection of 16 sounds from one of the coolest car engine sounds in the market.
That gives users the possibility, just by using the App, to switch between these cool sounds.
All sounds are professionally recorded to offer the best quality in the market, and we will frequently update our App with new brutal sounds for free

Complete Xhaust package

Xhaust will deliver a complete package including several types of cables and connectors.
The high speaker is an option and is specially developed for boosting up the pop sound.

Patented Xhaust Technology

In order to produce a real time and pure exhaust sound we make use of 7 core signals from the CAN BUS system.

  • Revolutions per minute: most basic engine feedback signal, determines the level of the exhaust sounds
  • Absolute engine torque: index of engine output values, mostly used in relation to volume
  • Relative engine torque: measures more accurate engine output values
  • Vehicle speed: creating volume and clear sound with the acceleration of the speed
  • Air flow mass: measures actual quantity and pressure of the air used for combustion
  • Engine fuel rate: measures the quantity of fuel consumption in the combustion in proportion of time and pressure
  • Oxygen sensor: feedback value of oxygen sensors for more accurate correction

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