Mobile App

Control through the mobile app

The mobile app is optimized with all the necessary functions. It is easy to control by anyone, with an intuitive and convenient interface. New sounds will be available through an update.

The sounds are fully customisable within the app. You can customise the LOW and HIGH RPM sound, POP section and shifting sound.

Fast change all settings by one touch. For example, the main volume, POP sound, start sound and muting the sound.

Fast change by one touch

By customizing the folliwing parameters you can create your own sound:

  • Main Volume: Control the main volume of both exhaust sound and popcorn sound.
  • Dynamic: Controls the actual sound of the exhaust sound. The higher the step, the closer it is to the actual exhaust sound. The lower the step, the stronger the bass. The maximum volume is the same size.
  • MUTE: Sound on and off by one touch.
  • POP: Popcorn sound on and off
  • Start sound: Select or deselect starting sound
  • Wide sound range
  • The sound is so wide that you haven't experienced it before. The app supports production of 8 different sounds, for example a G63, R35, SLS and RAPTOR. Regular updates by XHAUST will support the app to provide experience of new sounds.

XHAUST is compatible with most cars made in the world. No need to worry about compatibility with your car. Installation is possible for almost any brand and anywhere in the country.